Expense Report Header Update

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Friday, February 19, 2016

Reimbursement Form Now Editable After Header is Saved

As of 2/19/16, Concur has updated the expense report header functionality to make the Reimbursement Form field (screen shot below) editable after the report has been saved.

Previously, the Reimbursement Form would become read-only after the report header has been saved. Users will now be able to edit the field on an existing report, which allows them to correct a mistaken selection instead of having to replace the report.

When a user changes the Reimbursement Form on a report, the system will validate the report information and expense entries against the Form, adding exceptions if necessary.

Microsoft IE v.8 and v.9 Browser Support Ended February 12, 2016

Microsoft has ended support on January 12, 2016 for IE 8 and IE 9 in accordance with their Product Lifecycle program (view at https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/gp/microsoft-internet-explorer).

Any users currently using IE 8 and IE 9 will need to work with their IT departments to update to IE 10, IE 11, or Edge.

As of February 12, 2016, Concur and the ERS Help Desk has ceased to support IE 8 and IE 9.

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