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Training, Administration, & User Guides

Documentation on features and functionality for administering groups in ERS, guidelines for processing ERS reports at fiscal year-end, user guides for booking airfare, creating reports, and using features available in ERS.  Access to training documentation on booking travel or preparing requests for reimbursement of travel expenses.

Administration Guides

Documentation for the functions and features available in ERS to administer individual employee groups in ERS and update employee and non-employee profiles, how to use the Cognos reporting tool, and a how-to document for updating the ERS Approvers Application.

Fiscal Year-End Guidelines

Documents outlining deadlines for processing ERS Reports with regarding to fiscal year closing.

User Guides

Documentation on airfare booking options and requirements for comparison; checklist for creating an expense report; travel expense types available; indentifcation of icons in ERS; merchant category codes used for PCARD transactions sent to ERS; object codes available in ERS; expense types by report type; and the Value Added Tax (VAT) Reclamation Procedure.

Training Documents

Documentation for creating, editing, submitting and approving expense reports and for using the travel booking tool.